​1. Watch the video

​    It's important to remember the children and families we are trying to help.

      You will see a small section in the video of how the ring pulls are turned into quality products.

      Ringpullman has no official affiliation with PCF but believes that their organisation do wonderful work.

​2. Collect ring pulls

      ​Any ring pulls whether they be from a tin of beans to a can of coke are useful.

      You can collect as an individual, a school, an office a church or a food outlet.

      Anyone is welcome to start their own initiative in ring pull collections. 


3. Inform Ringpullman when  you have 1000 + &  he will collect

      Once you have collected a significant amount  of 1000+ (a regular plastic shopping bag full) send

      RINGPULLMAN an email and he will collect them when possible on one of his RPM vehicles.