In August 2015, strange sightings and reports began emerging from Tunbridge Wells, of a unique caped crusader who was seen gliding around the streets on an electric unicycle. It was here, long before the rest of the world picked up on the story that the mystery of this superhero began.

For weeks the media and the people of the town speculated on his purpose and motive. Often he would communicate through messages on the back of his cape. Messages such as ‘Who I am doesn't matter, who I am trying to help does.

Though many efforts were made to unmask him, his identity was never revealed only that his name is Ringpullman.

Unconfirmed stories began to emerge of how he came from a planet far, far away called Alumitron. On his planet Ringpullboy (as he was then) grew up healthy and happy where he went to school. He never wanted for food or shelter and lived a privileged life. The trees hung heavy with ring pulls, which sustained the health and well-being of the people.

One day while observing the universe with his telescope he saw a planet similar to his called Earth but in some places on this planet the children were very poor, hungry and had to search on filthy rubbish dumps for the very same ring pulls that grew in abundance from the trees on his planet.

He expressed the heartache he felt for these children to his father who was a wise man full of compassion. His father said you can stay here and try to forget what you have seen, or I can send you down to help.

Ringpullman thought long and hard about the consequences of leaving his safe home and family but knew that if he could collect ring pulls the children wouldn't have to scavenge in filth and could have an education. Their parents could work making products and gifts with the ring pulls to earn a wage and feed their children. (So he took a leap of faith)

Ringpullman got into his can shaped spacecraft equipped with his trusted RPMs (Ring pull mobiles) for transportation and collection and hurtled to a town in England where people lived in relative comfort and prosperity in the hope and belief that the folk of a place called Tunbridge Wells would join him in proving that '˜True heroes are those that seek and find a way to help and serve others'.

Ringpullman has not been disappointed. (Although his spacecraft did get a parking ticket) There has been overwhelming support for his mission but the mystery of who he is continues.